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Cartoning Machines

Vertical Cartoning Machines

Cartoning Machines


The Vertical Cartoning machine family features automatic carton forming and sealing machines for loose or packaged products. This machine family offers:

  • Flexible management of cartons according to shape, size, dosage, and closure

  • A broad range of models that can cover all speed rates

  • Production of 1-600 cartons per minute

  • Carton opening management with patented solutions

  • Maximum layout design flexibility for a tailor-made construction of the facility

  • Continuous or index motion

Vertical Cartoning machines may be equipped with select accessories such as: Spout Application, Linear Weighers, and Gadget/Scoop Insertion. The following customization options are also available to be made on select machine models:

  • Special Shaped Cartons: Flip-top, gable-top, trunked pyramid cartons, hexagonal cartons, cartons with windows, cartons with concave or convex sides, etc.

  • Frozen Food: Manufactured using special components and materials (i.e. IP65, stainless steel) suited to the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the frozen food industry.

  • Plastic Tub Filling: Full handling of the process from extraction of the tub from the magazine, through filling up, to tapping with speeds of up to 60 cartons per minute.


  • Chocolates & candies

  • Twist wrapped confections

  • Short cut pasta

  • Coffee capsules

  • Detergent powder and tabs

  • Seeds

  • Cereals

  • Sugar

  • Flour

  • Salt

  • Rice

  • Frozen food

  • Cat litter

  • Dry pet food

  • Fertilizer

CM Vertical Cartoner

CM Vertical Cartoner


The CM vertical cartoning machine models are for automatic direct fill of powders, granulated products, and numerous small to medium sized items into cardboard cartons. The CM machine is built with a simple operator friendly design, are accessible and easy to changeover, and guarantee a high degree of efficiency. The units can be fitted and supplied with various types of product dosing systems, including; volumetric cup dosing heads, multihead weighers, linear weighers, counting systems, and augers fillers. Depending on the product packaging, the DM may be equipped with different forms of closing systems such as; traditional flap closing sequence, reverse flap “labyrinth” sequence, tuck-in, and gable top closures. The CM machines also have the capabilities of handling special design cartons, such as truncated pyramid or hexagonal shapes and concave or convex sides. Additionally, options of spout application via mechanical and electrical integration of spout inserting machines is possible.


  • Carton Size: Min 60 x 30 x 140 mm; Max 310 x 120 x 330 mm

  • Speed: up to 140 cpm

  • Gross Weight: 6,000 kg

  • Compressed Air: 5 Nl/min

  • Installed Power: 13 Kw