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Canning Machine With Empty Cans

Packaging Industries

IMS Group USA offers a wide range of packaging machinery and equipment, backed by innovative Italian engineering.  Specializing in custom automated packaging solutions, we offer tubular bagging machines, vertical cartoners, case packers, shrink wrapping equipment, flow packers, robotic packers, display pack solutions, compact all-in-one units, palletizers, stretch hooders, stretch wrappers, check weighers, x-ray equipment, metal detection, as well as complete customized packaging systems.  Working closely with customers and using an integrative approach, IMS Group USA can help you automate your packaging process.


Food Packaging Industries


Beverage Packaging Industries


Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Packaging Industries

Pharmaceutical & Personal Care

Petrochemical Packaging Industries


Agriculture & Chemical Packaging Industries

Agriculture & Chemical

Industrial Packaging Industries


Pet Food Packaging Industries

Pet Food

Household Item Packaging Industries

Household Items

Tobacco Packaging Industries


Consumer Products Packaging Industries

Consumer Products

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