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New: Inline Reinforced Handle Applicator

Inline Reinforced Handle Applicator

Upgrade Your Process with The Future of Packaging Technology.

Experience a packaging revolution with IMS's innovative Inline Reinforced Handle Applicator. We're proud to introduce a proprietary solution that reinforces bag handles in real-time, ensuring durability and preventing tears.

This technology seamlessly integrates into the packaging process: film unwinding, handle reinforcement, die-cutting, bag forming, and filling—all in one streamlined, efficient workflow.

  • Streamlined Process: Integrates smoothly into your existing packaging process

  • Enhanced Durability: Prevent handle tears and ensure resilience of bags

  • Customer Satisfaction: Deliver reliable packaging that reflects your commitment to quality

To explore how our Inline Reinforcement Patch Applicator can benefit your project, please share some key details about your current process.

Revolutionize your Project - New Inline Reinforced Handle Applicator

Download PDF • 3.28MB


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