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Tubular Film FFS Bagging Machines

Tubular Film FFS Bagging Machines

Tubular Form, Fill, Seal Bagging Machines

The Tubular Form, Fill, and Seal (FFS) bagging machine family is designed to be reliable, cost effective, and completely customizable. These machines offer unmatched versatility, producing pillow-shaped or gusseted bags from 5 - 110 lbs.


FFS machines offer several advantages over machines that use pre-made bags:


  • Increased production speed

  • Reduced cost per bag

  • Increased flexibility in finished bag size

  • Custom configurations to suit any product

  • In-line gusseting for longer film yield

Each machine comes complete with the most appropriate feeding and dosing system for each unique product and industry. To provide the best solution for each application, additional features may be incorporated into the machine, including in-line gusset formation, mobile machine platform, corner sealers (K-Seal), and more.

Tubular FFS machines are an ideal packaging solution for many different industries including chemical, agricultural, biomass, industrial manufacturing, pet food, livestock feed, lawn & garden and more.  Products that may be packaged by these machines include resin pellets, wood pellets, salt, fertilizer, rocks, chemicals, powders, dried foods, cement, and granular products.


Ultra High Speed Tubular FFS Machine

The new Ultra High Speed Tubular Form Fill Seal (FFS) bagging machine represents the next generation in tubular bagging technology, achieving the top industry production speed of 2,600 bags per hour through various technological advancements including servo-driven machine motion.


These machines are designed with the operator in mind. Open construction and quick access to changeable parts minimizes the time required for maintenance and reduces downtime.

  • Mechanical speed: 2,900 bags per hour

  • Filled bag volume: 10 - 80 Liters

  • Filled bag weight: 20 - 110 Pounds / 10 - 50 Kilograms

  • Packaging material: Thermosealable polyethylene tubular roll stock film, from 80 to 140 µm in thickness