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FFS Film

High-performance packaging film on a roll for a variety of industrial products including granules and powders

FFS Film

Maximize performance and efficiency of machines with premium FFS packaging film. 

Available in various formats and sizes, IMS provides FFS films that cater to a diverse array of industrial products. Elevate your packaging standards with innovative solutions designed for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

FFS film bags in virtually any size

  • Bag thickness: 80my - 220my

  • Max diameter - 55in


  • Polyethylene (PE)

  • Polypropylene (BOPP)


  • UVI additive

  • Color additive

  • Antiblock additive

  • Slip additive

FFS Film - Colored Bags
Colored bags

Unique, customized packaging that represents your brand

FFS Film - Colored Printing
Colored printing

Custom designs with high-quality, full-surface coverage

FFS Films - Laminated

Foil, paper, or metallized for added product protection

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