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Technical Films

Specialized films with unique properties and features tailored to meet the requirements of various industries

Technical Films

IMS offers customized packaging solutions that meet the highest quality  standards required by various industries. 


Our premium laminated and labeling films are designed for optimal performance and efficiency of your packaging project and professional  representation of your brand. 

Technical Films - Laminated Pouches

Laminated Film

Added protection from external elements to extend the shelf life of food products and other perishable goods

  • Max width: 2000mm

  • Thickness: 25my to 200my

Barrier Features Icon

Customized barrier features

Foil, paper, or metallized barriers for added product protection

Seal Icon

Excellent sealability

Enhanced packaging integrity + preservation of  of product quality

Print Quality Icon

Enhanced appearance

Ideal for packaging that requires high-quality graphics, branding, and product information

Labeling Films

Labeling Film

High-quality, customizable labeling films made with premium materials for durability and longevity

  • Max width: 2600mm

  • Thickness: 60my - 200my

  • Max roll diameter: 1200mm

Barrier Features Icon


Designed to adhere to a variety of packaging surfaces

Flexible Icon


Conforms to contours of squeezable packaging without cracking or peeling

Print Quality Icon

Enhanced appearance

Transparency and gloss options with vibrant, high-quality printing

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