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Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping & Stretch Hooding

Stretch Hooder - Starstretch FB 4.0


Starstretch FB4.0 is the latest evolution in stretch hooding for the end of the line packaging systems.  It offers a versatile hooding solution, designed to automatically recognize multiple pallet sizes, and also accepts multiple film sizes. 

This stretch hooder utilizes tubular film, which may be recyclable, and produces finished protected pallets with a very clean look.  The film hood is stretched over the pallet without heat, reducing energy consumption and wear on parts. The final result is a secure, UV resistant, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing pallet. The exceptional clarity of the hooding material offers great visibility of the product. Alternatively, the film may be printed with product branding as desired.

The stretch hooder may be integrated directly to your business software with a new SMART user-friendly HMI. In addition, several up-to-date options are available such as remote protected access profiles, simple hooding control cycle, real time diagnostics, and backup on portable drives and more.


  • Speed: 280 pallets per hour

  • Minimum pallet size: 400 × 400 mm

  • Automatic pallet size detection

  • Blades and sealing bar may be lowered to ground level

  • Film change over at ground level

Stretch Hooder - Starstretch FB 4.0

Stretch Hooder Demonstration Video

Stretch Hooder 'Starstretch FB4.0' 3D Animation

Stretch Hooder - FB1000

Stretch Hooder - FB1000


A loyal and trustworthy component of your end of line packaging process, the stretch hooder FB1000 is available in 4 different versions: 

  • Small

  • Standard

  • Large 

  • Extra-large

Capable of hooding up to a 2600 × 1400 mm load size, the FB1000 can be arranged with up to 3 different sizes of tubular stretch film reels, with an automatic film feeding selection, to offer the flexibility to pack various pallet sizes with only one machine.

The machine is practically maintenance free. Built with the highest quality components available and straightforward, consolidated mechanical devices to guarantee very low downtimes and to offer continuity to your production cycle.

A multitude of personalized accessories can be installed on the machine to make sure the end result perfectly matches your production packaging requirement, and to ensure that your loads are safe and preserved.

  • The FB1000 hooder is also available in a hybrid stretch + shrink configuration.

  • Able to operate with up to 3 mixed stretch or shrink films sizes. A perfect solution for diversified product ranges.

  • Capacity of up to 70 pallets/hour. 

  • Models capable of handling pallet sizes ranging from 600 x 600 mm to 2600 x 1400 mm.

Stretch Hooder - FB2000


The FB2000 end of the line hooding machine range is specifically designed for the most challenging production cycles and packaging requirements.

The line includes 8 different models which can hood a load size from 500 × 400 mm up to the larger 3600 × 1700 mm size. The FB2000 has a hooding capacity as fast as 280+ pallets per hour depending on the load size. The wide variety of machine models allows one to find the perfect match for your production rates and packaging requirements.

The FB2000 can be equipped with up to six different stretch film sizes, with automatic film selection to make sure your load is always packed with the appropriate film size, and to reduce the amount of plastic used for each hood.

  • Capacity of up to 280 pallets/hour. 

  • Models capable of handling pallet sizes ranging from 500 x 400 mm to 3600 x 1700 mm.

Stretch Hooder - FB2000

FB2000 Demonstration Video

A demonstration of the FB2000XXL stretch hooder for covering full pallets of insulation

FB2000 Close Up Demonstration

A closer look of the FB2000XXL hooding full pallets of insulation material

Stretch Hooder - FB3000

Stretch Hooder - FB3000


The FB3000 stretch hooder is designed to offer flexible packaging standards. With the integrated cartesian system to stretch the film, the hooder can operate with a large variety of different load shapes and sizes. 

The FB3000 has the innovative patented head lowering system that allows all maintenance services and operations to be completed at floor level. You can easily choose to lower the cutting edge and the sealing bar OR the film change station separately to allow the operator to perform all the necessary action within maximum safety. Easy to operate and with little maintenance requirement the FB3000 is designed with pneumatic components to keep the machine as simple as possible.

  • With a latest up to date film opening device, the hooder can work with any stretch film type or thickness from 20 to 200 microns, printed or not. 

  • Equipped with an integrated load dimension reader the machine will automatically tailor each hood for the load.

  • Capacity of up to 80 pallets/hour.

  • Models capable of handling pallet sizes ranging from 600 x 600 mm to 2600 x 1400 mm.

In Box Bagmaker


A trouble-free solution to automatically insert tailored bags inside boxes like:

  • Octabins

  • Goodpack

  • Wooden boxes

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Metal cages

The process is extremely simple, the machine automatically unwinds the tubular film from the configurated reel, four pliers will open the film in a square shape, a sealing bar cuts the film up to the desired height creating the tailored bag, an aspirator lays the bag on the bottom on the box and the four pliers make sure the bag perfectly fits the shape of the box. The in box bag maker can run up to 60 box/hr, and can be configurated with up to 3 different film sizes, to offer the best flexibility of multiple boxes and bag sizes in one machine.

In Box Bagmaker
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