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Two Chamber FFS & Open Mouth Bagging Systems

Two Chamber FFS & Open Mouth Bagging Systems

Dual Chamber Form, Fill & Seal Bagging Machine


Perfect for Wet Sand and Dry Cement in one package.

This unique patented system presents a game-changing opportunity for the cement and aggregate market. With this system, you may package wet sand together with dry cement in the same bag, while keeping each product isolated from the other. This eliminates the need to dry the sand prior to packaging, which offers tremendous cost savings.

This Vertical Form, Fill, Seal machine creates dual chamber bags by aligning three sheets of heat sealable flat polyethylene film unwound from opposing reels. Gusseting may be performed inline on the machine if desired, with use of a patented system. Packing speeds of up to 500 bags per hour may be achieved. Ideal for: Aggregates - Powders - Sand - Cement - Additives.

Dosing System With Multiple Hoppers To Combine Several Components In One Package
Dual Chamber Bag Forming Using Three Layers Of Single-Wound PE Film
Breakdown Of A Dual Chamber Form, Fill & Seal Bagging Machine

Open Mouth (Pre-Made) Bagging Machine



Intended for use with powdered products or granules, the Compacta - OM is capable to fill bags from 11 to 100 pounds. The machine is designed with functionality in mind, as demonstrated by the user-friendly operator panel and open construction for easy cleaning and maintenance access. The multi-chamber magazine stores up to four empty bag stacks and is equipped with automatic forward feed to reduce the time required for operator loading.

Compacta - OM - Features and Options

  • Suitable for hygienic environments

  • Compact and durable design

  • Accommodates all types of open mouth bags, including

  • Gusseted and pinch-bottom bags with multiple dimensions

  • Gross or Net weight filling system with customizable feeding

  • Programmable PLC reduces operator presence

  • Deaeration system and Product Compaction Device

  • Bag marking system for empty or filled bags

Different Types Of Bag Closures
Compatible With All Types Of Open Mouth Pre Made Bags
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