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Preformed Bags

Preformed Bags

Ready-made packaging solutions to meet a variety of industrial applications

Preformed Bags - Valve

Valve Bags

Preformed Bags - Open-Mouth

Open-Mouth Bags

  • Polyethylene (PE)

  • Polypropylene (BOPP)

  • UVI additive

  • Color additive

  • Antiblock additive

  • Slip additive


Preformed Bags

Valve and open-mouth bags offer a convenient, flexible, versatile solution for packaging a wide range of materials. 


Optimize your packaging workflow with our fully-formed bags, expertly designed for convenient filling and sealing without the need for Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) machinery.

  • Bag thickness: 80my - 220my

  • Max diameter - 55in

Preformed Bags - Colored Bags

Colored bags

Unique packaging in vibrant colors that represent your brand

Preformed Bags - Colored Printing

Colored printing

Custom designs with high-quality, full-surface coverage

Preformed Bags - Laminated

Laminated films

Foil, paper, or metallized for added product protection and barrier features

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