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Customized Packaging Machinery & Production Solutions

It’s not just about what packaging equipment you use—but how it’s applied and integrated into your overall production operation.

IMS Group USA provides customized packaging machinery and production solutions for manufacturers in various industries including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture and more.

Tubular Film Bagging System

A More Strategic Approach

At IMS, our team understands there could be a variety of solutions for your packaging operations. That is why we take the time to fully understand your needs and provide recommendations on the right packaging machines that work best for you.

Bagging System

Product ​Breadth & Flexibility

IMS Group USA is an importer and distributor for North America and partners with the leading manufacturers in the packaging industry, to offer innovative solutions and the most effective technologies for fully automated packaging lines and compact packing solutions designed for your specific needs.

Headphones And A Phone | 24/7 Customer Support

More Than Just Machines

IMS Group USA offers more than just machines. When you partner with us, you receive live, 24/7 customer assistance with technical support, service and spare parts requests, and remote assistance from a representative who is knowledgeable about our products and services.



IMS Group USA is proud to present our exclusive partnerships with the following manufacturers:

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